AMBULANCE launches two digital research projects

Stuttgart,  September 2018: With two new and innovative projects, AMBULANCE is starting into the autumn and into the field of digital basic research on health topics. The first project called "Soundwave" is designed to collect, structure and analyze data related to sound waves and pain. The second project "Toy" serves the development of applications for the use of everyday sensors for the determination of clinical pictures.

"Based on several precursor tests, we suspect that there is a relationship between sensation of pain in different parts of the body and frequency spectra in the area of ound waves.
After extensive and global literature research, we are currently in the process of designing a study that will return us to a large extent user feedback and data on the subject. In the next step, it is planned to use this know-how to design products, "says Julian Weinert, founder and CEO of AMBULANCE." With these findings, we can hopefully develop new digital concepts and theories on pain therapy in step 1. Step can also test directly.

In the project "Toy" we develop scenarios for the "misappropriation" of sensors to make them accessible and usable for diagnosis and therapy ticks. We deliberately want to push the boundaries of feasibility and push speakers, microphones, cameras and motion sensors to their limits to replace existing technologies at least partially, thereby providing the mass access to state-of-the-art therapy and diagnostic options.

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