AMBULANCE at Exponential Medicine 2017

Huh - it all started again. I just made it and joined the amazing xMed team again to get an update on what’s out there and where some technologies will be used for in the next years. Also one of the biggest benefits for me, being the third time here at Exponential Medicine, is to have a lot of likeminded people to discuss. Even though it is always quite a long trip over here - it is definitely worth it! So for all of you coming from Europe - do it!

I could not even count my favourite presentations and talks over here but I'd like to give a short summary of what I liked and experienced over here.

To get the real summary of the days, check the youtube movies down there:

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Innovation Lab


The innovation lab is just an awesome place with lots of startups in the health field. Over 50 startups showing their innovative product or service and providing insights to the visitors. My favorite startups in there were BIOSAYBEYOND VERBALCOGNIFISENSECOCOON CAMMAKER HEALTH and several others.

BIOSAY: They are tracking anxiety, mood and mental health in a social way hard to describe. I think it is very innovative and seems to be a good and clever solutions for a part of mental health. As they describe it on their website "Biosay is a unique biometric measurement app that empowers you through technology. Designed to provide you with insights about how your world impacts you, it proactively lets you track, manage and share your experiences". From my perspective this service has a lot of potential and might easily get viral getting tons of users and interesting user data. It was really interesting to hear the founder Rachael Donalds talk about her vision. Thanks for sharing.

BEYOND VERBAL: Even though they had been here two years ago, I still think that there is a lot of potential in recognizing health information from the tone of voice. I am not really sure how you can prevent the idea from being scaled by others, because the one who has the access to the data seems to get the smartest insights first.

COGNIFISENSE: With an amazingly senior and experienced team around Tassilo Baeuerle and Harald Stock they are really very deep into chronic pain therapy via VR and the knowledge around this topic. Interesting to see what will come next.

COCOON CAM: Interesting way to monitor a baby with immense health insights captured by a cam improving the old school baby phone by a few generations!

MAKER HEALTH: I liked the approach of integrating marker spaces into hospitals to help the nurses and doctors and even others to create tools in a cost efficient and fast way. I definitely see a future for on-demand tool production there instead of long delivery processes or big storage infrastructure.

You can find the full list of innovation lab participants here on the Exponential Medicine Website.


Experiences and Impressions

I just had a discussion on "Automotive Health" with several people on what and how they think future cars are connected to health topics and I really enjoyed being able to openly discuss the challenges in new fields with the amazing participant network. During breakout sessions, there is some time to discuss with others which is very valuable for me.


On the second day I actually got invited to a kind of a special "tribe" called #pinksocks and I just had to look up what it is all about and saw that these socks might really fit. You need to have a look on, because I think it is really worth it, fighting for improvements in the health sector, whether it is political improvement to let innovation happen or technology improvement to fight for easier access to solutions for patients. It comes to the point where fighting for health somehow makes as all partly to some kind of doctors.


At that point on day three Shafi Ahmed (VR surgeon and pioneer in his field) took the hippocratic oath from the whole audience with the argumentation that we are all fighting to improve health. Even though I am in the field for over 20 years I have never seen it from this perspective. Thanks for the perspective shift here! And this is only one example of several perspective shifting experiences I had over here at #xMed.

Somehow I especially liked the AR / VR session and I am still curious - and have to do some research on it - if someone is developing a solution to combine research results on AR and VR medical technologies and how they work for the individual patient. Also I would love to see some of the big players like Oculus, Vive, Hololens or others move into the health field. There is still so much research that has to be done, also on combining different "layers" of AR or VR by adding sound or even feeling or smell and taste. By the way - every session at xMed has one of these fantastic live illustrations by Stephanie Crowley. They are such a nice summary to help remembering the content of the talks really fast.


By the way - I am still curious when the scrubs-shoot will be in 360° ? (@Daniel Kraft) We were already augmented this year through the support of CURISCOPE and their scrubs that were capable of augmented interaction with the phone or tablet.


I will update this article in the next days from time to time and add more information, links and insights. If you also believe in that we could change something for better in the health systems all over the globe, please share it.

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