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Nowadays, Health is everywhere. Where are you at?

The good news for the healthcare sector: their topics have never been more important and the market has never been more ready than it is now. The bad news? Everyone has been quick on the uptake, from start up to tech giants. Time to call the ambulance. 

As an innovation agency we advise you in all topics concerning the future and help you to master the technological change in health culture. 

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Consulting & On-Demand Projects


Common Topics

- conception and support of innovative product launches

- conception and implementation of innovative marketing concepts

- spin-offs of innovative business units

- support for change in company culture (with all aspects)

- help with “make or buy” decisions on innovative technologies

- future design thinking workshops



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Innovation is like a tree. With digital roots.

You can neither top up innovation nor buy it externally; It is produced inductively, in a bottom-up process. Only through your own initiative can you ensure that the spirit of renewal permeates your company.

Therefore, we support you in identifying and implementing rewarding products and projects - from the monetization model through the prototype to the market launch.

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Innovation & Know-how Onboarding

Process Innovation Onboarding

Common Topics

- workshops on a know-how update with CEOs / CDOs / CTOs regarding innovative technologies and market developments

- innovation impulses in companies

- introduction and connection of startups with the industry / insurers for business development purposes


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Those who plan to sail to new shores should know whence the wind is blowing.

The health market is in motion. And before choosing your path, it helps to orientate yourself: How do the big players in the industry answer the questions of tomorrow? And how should you answer them?

Our in-house 2017 PHARMA Digital Innovation Report provides detailed information. In it, analyzed the industry both in qualitative as well as quantitative terms. We awarded an ›innovation score‹ and even suggested concrete recommendations for action.


Analyses, Reports & Insights

Pharma Digital Innovation Report

Common Topics 

-individualized workshop including a presentation of the results of the Pharma Digital Innovation Report

- on-demand business analysis and elaboration of assets and drawbacks in relation to the competition for innovation development

- 1: 1 discussions on the company’s innovative development opportunities in view of our global industry knowledge.

Some of our Clients


Sirens: The Ambulance Blog

We are Ambulance


Julian Weinert

Managing Director

Julian has over 20 years experience in developing innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. In his role as Managing Director, he is the partner for our customers in Business-, Marketing- and Sales-Strategy matters. Finding unique and clever solutions for each and every customer with individual team setups, according to the individual strategy options a company has. 



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