The 2017 Pharma Digital Innovation Report


Which trends exist in Germany and globally in the field of digital innovation in the health industry? And what are the opportunities and risks? The "2017 PHARMA Digital Innovation Report" summarizes these developments, provides analyses and profiles of over 25 pharmaceutical companies and makes recommendations for action. The Ambulance team carried out qualitative as well as quantitative evaluations in the report and threw different perspectives on "digital transformation" in order to come to an objective evaluation of the results.

The "2017 PHARMA Digital Innovation Report" is divided into two sections: The first part is the "Trend Report", which highlights current trends and developments in the health sector. In the second part, Ambulance has extensively analysed pharmaceutical companies. Here, the German and international activities were looked at separately, so that a comparison between the companies as well as the development in Germany and internationally can be drawn. An overall summary score provides an overview of companies and their strategy in the field of digital innovation.

Right now the 2017 Pharma Digital Innovation Report is only available in German, but we offer individualized workshops in english to present the results of the workshop including individual feedback. 


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